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At The Oakwood Academy, we like to offer as many enriching events and trips as possible to provide our students with a wide range of experiences and also to promote positive behaviour and kindness throughout the year.  

Some visits are open to all students, with others being limited to certain subjects, classes or year groups, depending on the objectives of the visit.  In most cases, however, they are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Please can we therefore ask that if you are interested in a particular visit, you secure a place as soon as possible, which is usually done through Parent Pay.

When planning our residential visits, we always consider value for money and try to allow as much time as possible for parents to pay the cost, and help by putting a payment plan in place.

As with all activities in school, exemplary behaviour is expected from our students when representing the school on an educational visit, along with an excellent attendance record at all times.  Should a student’s behaviour or attendance decline on the approach to an educational visit, the school reserves the right to withdraw that child from the visit. This will be explained in detail when a visit is launched and parents will be asked to sign an agreement to accept and agree to these terms and conditions. 

Similarly, if a student’s behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable whilst off site on an educational visit, parents/carers may be called and asked to collect their child or to make arrangements for their return home. However, we are proud to say that the students from The Oakwood Academy generally behave impeccably when taking part in an off-site activity. 

With all visits, the safety and welfare of our students is our priority and all visits are thoroughly risk-assessed and approved by the Local Authority beforehand, with well-trained staff leading and supporting each visit. 

When your child joins the school, we will seek your authorisation to allow us to take your son/daughter on short visits during the school day within the local community, but for all other visits, we will always seek your approval in advance of a visit taking place.

General enquiries relating to educational visits should be made by contacting Mrs Wright, the PA to the Headteacher or by telephoning the school on 0115 953 9323.