The Oakwood Academy Admissions Policy – 2024/2025

Please click here to see the map of The Oakwood Academy's catchment area (Print friendly PDF).

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Please click here to see our Admissions Policy 2024/2025 (Print friendly PDF).

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Oakwood Academy Admissions

The Academy caters for students from Year 7 to 11

The Academy considers all applications for places in line with Nottingham City Council’s Admissions Policy. This ensures that students of all abilities, backgrounds and faiths will be catered for and welcomed.

Admission Requests

Thank you for your interest in The Oakwood Academy.  We hope you find all the information you require on our website.  If you would like your child to transfer to The Oakwood Academy during the current academic year please use the link below:

Catchment Area  


Please see below Admissions policy for The Oakwood Academy Admissions – Apply before the 31st October for a place the following September.  National offer day is normally 1st March.


Applying for your place at The Oakwood Academy couldn’t be easier. All applications should be made through the Local Authority process and places will be allocated in the spring of Year 6. Please contact the schools admissions team directly to apply for a Year 7 place at the Academy for the September intake  – You can contact the team by calling 0115 841 5568, you can also apply via their website here*

You can also email them directly at  [email protected] 

Independent Appeals

Parents have the right to an independent appeals panel if you are not happy with the outcome of your application. Repeat applications in the same academic year will not be considered unless there is a significant and material change in circumstances. Appeals should be addressed to the Admissions Officer – The Oakwood Academy, Bewcastle Road, Warren Hill, Nottingham NG5 9PJ

If you are looking to apply for a place at our school for students currently in Year 7 or above at another school or during the school year, you are asked to contact the Nottingham City Council and request an application form, which you are also able to download from here.

Please see attached letter with information that needs to be submitted with the application form.

School catchment and local authority information
Please click here to see the map of The Oakwood Academy's catchment area (Print friendly PDF).