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Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre offers a variety of bespoke packages to cater to the different needs of our students. The support comes in many forms, such as interventions to boost confidence, encourage resilience and reinforce positive choices – which run all weekly across different Year groups. We also host a Year 7 transition group which runs multiple times at the start of the year to ensure help for those students who need extra support to get settled into The Oakwood Academy.

Support in and around lessons is also available at varied levels for those students who require it. This may be 1-2-1 teaching assistant support to help with understanding the class work or nurturing guidance for those students with social, emotional or behavioural needs. It could be as simple as a friendly face walking a student to class and some encouraging words before a lesson. Our support is always tailored to meet the needs of the individual so they can reach their full potential as an Oakwood student.

We also work hard to support not just our students’ academic achievements but their personal development. The Student Support centre offers a safe space during breaks and lunchtime for students to socialise in a smaller setting and receive 1-2-1 check-ins with staff throughout the day. This ensures we are up-to-date with how our students would like to be supported and can get ahead of any upcoming challenges.

Analysis is carried out on a half-term basis to ensure group work is appropriately targeted and received by those students who need it most. We receive feedback from Heads of Houses and classroom teachers on which students may require support. As a result, we do change the provision regularly and run various different programmes throughout the year. However, we ensure students always feel welcome to revisit us if their intervention has ended and that they feel comfortable asking for more help if they require it.

What our students say…

“When I’ve achieved something in school, I go straight to them because they make you feel really proud of yourself.”

“The teachers are all calm and I feel comfortable talking to everyone.”

“If you are struggling in your lessons someone will come and support you, and they also have group sessions to help with your confidence and behaviour.”