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Assertive Mentoring

The assertive mentoring programme starts in September of Year 11 and is split into three tiers based on student ability and needs.

Tier 1 Higher ability students - Targeting higher ability students​ with regular assemblies and check ins; the ​programme is aimed at challenge and achievement; tailored approach to individuals where needed (specific 1-1 / small group mentoring)​.

Tier 2 Middle ability students - led by mentors including HOH, SLT link, middle leaders within each House) meeting with mentors regularly to support and challenge students.

Tier 3 targeting a group of mixed ability students tailored to those who students who are supported by the Inclusion team and/or SEND​ team. Students will have weekly meetings​ and be involved in small group work and 1:1 sessions​.

Assertive mentoring in a nutshell:

  • Tried & tested programme which is proven to improve student outcomes
  • Aim is to provide 1:1 support regularly to all Year 11 students throughout their final year
  • Emphasis on academic resilience and maximising achievement for students in Year 10 moving into Year 11
  • Encouraging students to take ownership of their own success through assertive discussions, based on data predictions, teacher feedback, student input
  • Aim is to ensure students step-up and are held to account whilst feeling supported and motivated by their mentor
  • Key areas of discussion to take place at every meeting and mentors to follow up discussion points with mentees and teachers where necessary

How does it work?

  1. Every Year 11 student is allocated an ‘assertive mentor.’
  2. Students are provided with a booklet to track meetings and agreed actions.
  3. Assertive mentors are experienced members of staff and will support students in their final year at Oakwood.
  4. Involves an ongoing conversation between student and mentor.
  5. Meetings used to identify underachievement through target setting and tracking systems and are evidence based.
  6. Helps to identify the most appropriate intervention to address any underachievement and to maximise progress and attainment.
  7. A mature and focused meeting involving actions to increase student performance and ultimately, maximise their exam results next summer.


Year 11 Key Dates 2023/24


Mentoring (1)


Redhill Sixth Form Open Evening 5th October


Mentoring (2)


Year 11 - DC6


Mentoring (3)


Year 11 - Review Week


Mentoring (4)


Mentoring - catch up


Year 11 Mocks


Year 11 Mocks


Year 11 Mock Results Day (DC7 and Reports)


Mentoring (5)


Year 11 - Parents' Evening 29th Feb


Mentoring (6)


Easter Revision 2nd & 3rd April


Mentoring (7)


 Year 11 Commendation Evening 1st May


GCSE Exams


GCSE Exams


GCSE Exams


GCSE Exams


Year 11 Leavers Day - TBC

July 2024

Prom (5th July)


Revision & support

Revision should be an ongoing process for GCSE students with prior knowledge being revisited regularly in lessons and in students’ own preparation and revision schedules. Producing a personalised revision timetable is a key action in taking control of revision and ensuring that assessments and exams are thoroughly prepared for.

You can download a template here to help you with your revision.

Excel version is available here.

Student booklet

Please see the attached student booklet which all students will be provided with in September.