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We are creating a database of the educational journeys and careers paths of former Big Wood/Oakwood students. We would like to find out what you have left school to go on and do, so that we can share this information with our current students, staff and parents.

If you are a past student or have relatives, colleagues or friends who attended, we would love to hear from you. From doctors to dancers, pilots to personal trainers - we would like former students from a whole range of careers to inspire every student.

We are very proud of all our former students and would like to find out more about your successes, higher education and careers.

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Alumni Profiles

Our high expectations and active encouragement of independent thinking, self-reliance and social responsibility extend to all our students, past, present and future. Once an Oakwood student, always an Oakwood student. We are extremely proud of all past students and their achievements.

Our Alumni family have shown that they are resilient, proud, determined, respectful and reflective learners who have adapted to life and the world around them as formidable citizens.