Video Tutorials

Accessing RMUnify

Everything a student needs to successfully complete work at home can be round on the RMUnify launchpad.  The video below talks through how to log into this:



Accessing Your Live Lesson on MS Teams

To make sure that students have full access to their live lesson, it is essential that they log-in in the correct way once they click the link to they are sent. Please encourage them to watch the video below to ensure that this is done correctly.


Accessing a recording of a live lesson

On occasion, you may be unable to attend a live lesson. The recordings of those lessons are available on Teams for 20 days after the lesson. The video below shows you how to access these:


Working with Microsoft products online

All students at The Oakwood Academy have access to Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Teams) free of charge.  They do not have to have these programmes on their home computers to be able to use them – they can access them online.  The videos below show you how to access these products.


Saving online documents

Increasingly, students might find that staff direct students towards tasks to complete that are actually sat in our Cloud called Sharepoint.  Once a student opens a document they will need to save it so they can begin to edit it.  This video shows them how to do this.


Accessing Sharepoint files

The three videos below show students how to:


Editing Downloaded Work

Sometimes a teacher might set work that needs to be downloaded but you might not have MS Office products to be able to edit it on your computer. This is fine as this video shows you how to edit this work online:


Submitting work to teachers

The two videos below show students how to email work to their teachers and submit work saved both on their computer and on their online OneDrive folder to Show My Homework.


Accessing MS Teams and email through Xbox and PS4

Please find below two independent videos summarising how Teams and emails can be accessed through Xbox and PS4.  This is not something we can support with but it might prove useful to some families with these devices.


Parental Support for Remote Learning

We know that remote learning can be as challenging for parents as it is for students.  With this in mind we would like to share with you this link to a free course supporting parents with remote learning.  We hope that this might prove useful to some of you.  The sign up page can be found here -