University Engagement

Every year, students at The Oakwood Academy have a variety of encounters with a range of universities, both local and further afield. Our aim is for students to leave Oakwood with a very clear idea about what universities have to offer, their importance in providing wider opportunities in life and to dispel as many myths about going to university that we can. Below are just some of the activities and universities we engage in. If you have any questions about University then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jane, our careers adviser at [email protected].

University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University

Each year our local universities engage with a wider range of students in a variety of contexts.  These include:

  • Assemblies with Years 7 to 11
  • Ambition Programme
  • Campus Visits 
  • Key note speeches during Drop Down enrichment days
Nottingham Trent University Summer Residential

This summer we took 9 of our Year 9 students to experience an exciting opportunity to stay overnight at Nottingham Trent University for a 2-day residential. This gave them an insight to what University life is like and they we’re able to participate in taster sessions and socialise with other students from other schools.