Two Week Timetable

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The Oakwood Academy has moved to a two week timetable. Each day is based around five lessons, each one hour in length. This means students have 25 lessons over the course of a standard school week.

The first week of the academic year is Week 1, the week then alternates throughout the year. Holidays are ignored for the purpose of the timetable, so if one term finishes on Week 1, the next will begin on Week 2 after the holiday period.

The week numbers are advertised through our website and via the large TV screens in each block, they are also highlighted in the school calendar. Click here to access the calendar.

On your first day you will receive a timetable which runs over a two week period.


The School Day

Each school day begins at 08:45 and ends at 15:00. The timings are as follows:

Activity Start End
Period 1 08:4509:45
Period 2 09:4510:45
Tutor Time 10:45 11:05
Break 11:05 11:20
Period 3 11:20 12:20
Lunch 12:20 13.00
Period 4 13:00 14:00
Period 5 14:00 15:00
Year 11 students are expected to attend Period 6, click here for more details.