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All about me (PDF)

All about your child (PDF)

GDPR Letter 2020 (PDF)

Making the move 2020 (PDF)

Maps with rooms (PDF)

Start Your Engines (PDF)

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Summer Reading Challenge

At the Redhill Academy Trust, we really promote the importance of reading, not only in your subjects, but also for pleasure. We know that students who read widely are more successful in their GCSEs and in later life.

The Summer Reading Challenge aims to encourage you to continue to read throughout the summer holidays, whilst also giving you some fun activities to do as part of your break.

You can choose to do one, some or all of the challenges in this booklet. The first four tasks are worth tokens.

By completing these tasks you will receive entries into a prize draw when you join us in September. For example, a task worth 3 tokens will get you three entries into the prize draw.

The draw will have a range of prizes with the main one being a chance to take part in our end of year Reading Celebration event with the Dreadlock Alien.

We really hope that you take part and read for pleasure over the summer break.

Have fun!

Redhill Academy Trust Summer Reading Challenge (PDF)

Reading Age 6-8 (PDF)

Reading Age 8-11 (PDF)

Reading Age 11+ (PDF)