The SEND Local Offer

The SEND Local Offer is a resource there to support children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their families. The information includes the services and provision that are available to those families in Nottingham City who experience some form of special educational need or disability. The SEND Local Offer includes information about public services across education, health and social care, as well as those provided by the private, voluntary and community sectors.

The SEND Local Offer will cover public services that are available within:

1. Education: schools and colleges or other education provision. Support services such as Educational Psychologists, intervention workers.

2. Health: GPs, paediatricians, school nurses and therapists

3. Social care: Children’s disability services and respite services

The offer enables you to find out what support and services are available in the voluntary and private sectors, e.g. charities and disability groups, youth clubs, etc, both in your immediate area and across Nottinghamshire.

The Oakwood Academy has adopted the Local Offer as part of the Children & Families Act (2014) as set out by the Local Authority. The school supports the Local Authority's offer and this is reflected within the school's own provision and curriculum.

Click here to see the Nottingham City Special Education Needs Service from where you will be directed to the local offer and other information.