Name of Governor

Steve Shaw

Governor Role

Member of the Interim Advisory Board.

Vice Chair of Redhill Governing Body. Vice Chair of the Executive Board of the Redhill Academy Trust.

What meetings does this governor attend?

Full Governors Meeting.

Redhill Full Governors and Business Committee Meetings.

Meetings of the Redhill Academy Trust and Executive Board.

What does or did this Governor do for a job?

I taught at a Nottinghamshire Secondary school for 37 years.

Why did they want to be a Governor at The Redhill Academy Trust ?

I have a genuine interest in Education and I felt that I could offer something to our local school. I had Governor experience from my workplace and I had been Chairman of Redhill PTA for a while .

What specific skills and expertise does this Governor bring to the Interim Advisory Board?

I have extensive experience in the Education field as a previous Chair of Redhill Governors, I had considerable experience of managing meetings.