Career of the Week: Prison Officer

Prison Officer

In the last few centuries, several famous prisons rose to the forefront of the public knowledge. Many of them earned their fame by their notoriety, but some managed to earn the respect of public by their impressive security measures that held their inmates securely behind their walls.​

As a first of the “super max” prisons of modern time, the United States prison Alcatraz has forged the incredible place in history. Stories about famous prisoners and escape attempts continue to live on between the walls of this legendary structure.​

Europe had many prisons during its medieval age, Château d'If was one of the most famous ones. Located inside the walls of the fortified small island, this prison became one of the most famous prisons in the Mediterranean.​

Although Tower of London has had many uses over the last 900 years, it is mostly remembered today for its extensive use as a central prison. Stories created here during its long and varied history still live on.​

A day in the life of a Prison Officer:​​ ​ ​ ​