English Civil War Museum Trip

On the 22nd November, Year 8 students had the opportunity to visit the National Civil War centre in Newark. Newark was very important during the English Civil War, and the museum brought the experience to life with interactive displays and even a little bit of acting.

Students had the chance to dress up in the armour of the Roundheads and Cavaliers and shoot a canon at the model town. The main exhibition told us great details about Newark in the Civil War, including lots of artefacts recovered from all over England.

The students also worked with museum curators in two specialised sessions. We took on the role of Civil War soldiers, training in musketeering and pike drills, ending in a battle to test our training. We also acted out the trial of King Charles I, hearing from the witnesses and the judges, before carrying out his execution.

The students were a credit to the school, showcasing their knowledge from their history lessons and taking part in the activities with enthusiasm and maturity.

English Civil War