Careers and Aspirations

’Every young person deserves an equal opportunity to be the best version of themselves, I work with young people who need support to unlock their potential. When someone believes in you, it’s incredible what you can achieve.’

Careers Advisor - Mrs Kary Jane [email protected]

Mission Statement
We are passionate about giving our students the best possible advice and guidance for their futures. We provide this guidance through a variety of ways, including from our own highly trained and experienced staff along with making use of expertise from other organisations.

We believe that students should have the opportunity to see the world of work; both within their curriculum providing real examples of work based activity and relevance, as well as being able to speak to people from across a diverse range of different work settings.

We make use of online learning tools for careers related guidance, and have provided links here to specific sites which we believe are informative and suitable for young people thinking about their futures.

Careers Documents
Please see below for key documents outlining Careers provision at The Oakwood Academy

Post 16 Destination Data

Labour Market Information
We are keen to ensure that students have access to up-to-date information about the labour market, and provide them with access to a number of resources such as the online platform Unifrog, and via tools such as the Careerometer and Skillsometer.

Use the Careerometer to explore and compare job roles and statistics. You can select two job roles to compare or look at UK average figures for salary information projected changes to the sector.

Use the Skillsometer to select preferences and see what career roles are suggested.

Careers websites - a really useful platform full of webinars, CV writing tools, careers and subject library - great for exploration and video content. - this site contains some really useful impartial careers advice. But remember the options process does vary from school to school. - this site shows university subject guides, allowing you to look ahead and see what might be a good combination of subjects. - a great general overview of career sectors and routes. - for everything you need to know about apprenticeships!