Art Department Showcase

Artists of the Month for September:

This goes out to our Year 10 & 11 students for a truly amazing set of final personal responses to coursework projects. The Year10 Graphic Designers have completed designs for the artwork to a dance CD whilst the Year 10 Fine Artists have completed a series of floral themed artworks inspired by artists studied. Year 11 have completed a mural art for a dance club. All have shown great skill with media and process with really impressive and personalised results. Just awesome!

Year 10 GD: Rebecca Furr, Jessica Moran & Taylor Chaplin

Year 10 Fine Art: Lydia Proudlove, Theone Ellis, Chyna Howard-Blades & Chloe Powell

Year 11 GD: Elle Bramley, Meghan Fairhurst, Nathan Topham & Penny McCalman (in order).

Very well done from The Art team: H. Dyer-Ince. N. Hodgkinson C. Terry.  & R. Slack



Artist of the Month for October:

We have been certainly been impressed with the work ethic of our KS3 (Year 7 & 8) Artists. Just take a look at these amazing illustrated project themed factsheets. Super visual impact and talent!

Great job and well done from the Art team; H. Dyer-Ince. N. Hodgkinson C. Terry.  & R. Slack

Work on show by: Year 7 Jadzia Armstrong, Toby Stubbs & Yeaf 8 Thomas Gregson, Beth Lawman, Skyela Lucas, Erin Bicknell, Amy Vernon & Evie Seadon


Artist of the Month for November: Year 9 Fine Artists & Year 10 Photographers

The Year 9 Fine Artists have made a super start to the GCSE course, working hard both in class and at home. We have some tremendously talented young people here at the academy. We just cannot wait to see how they progress with the first project and the thorough journey of discovery which will lead to a personalised final outcome. Grades of between 4 and 7 are already being awarded for key pieces of coursework. Absolutely fabulous.

Work by Carol Tetley, Cassie Woodward, Isabelle Frost & Amy Shepherd


Year10 Photographers have certainly been having fun with manipulating imagery. They have been exploring layers and composition to achieve some really imaginative outcomes inspired by studied Photographers. Some have even included their teacher Mr Terry as the main subject in a series of studies investigating scale.

Work by Azhar Mustafa, Chloe Radford & Tom Carey

Very well done from the Art team; H. Dyer-Ince. N. Hodgkinson C. Terry.  & R. Slack


Artist of the Month for December: Year 12 & 13 Photographers

Our KS5 Photographers are always encouraged to keep pushing the boundaries with innovative thinking and Wow, just take a look at these imaginative responses from Casey Spencer, Alexandra Ramsey, Hannah Bakewell & Hannah Barker. Do continue to demonstrate a strong and sustained ability to experiment with a wide range of photographic techniques and manipulation processes and you will do very well indeed.

Super work. Well done from the Art team; : H. Dyer-Ince. N. Hodgkinson C. Terry.  & R. Slack 



Gifted and Talented Art Events. Thursday 28 & Friday 29 January 2016

This year’s event was run over two afternoons to allow more students the experience and approximately 100 young students from 10 surrounding feeder schools, aged between 4 and 11 took part. The young artists were encouraged to work in teams, constructing a large scale painting, using colour and effects to depict our ‘Wonderful World’ also the title for this years Family of Schools Art Exhibition. They experimented with painting processes and techniques to produce vibrant and exciting creations influenced by lively artists Bjork Carlton, Sue Slack, Wahyu Romdhoni & Dean Russo. The students from Carlton Central Juniors, Carlton Central Infants, Westdale Juniors, Westdale Infants, Haddon, Netherfield, Stanhope, Porchester, Standhill & Pheonix Infant & Nursery performed exceptionally well during the event, enjoying being creative with paint. A number of our budding GCSE artists assisted in the workshop event and helped pupil’s to explore and develop imaginative ideas.

Well done to all