Trips Information

To complement the delivery of the National Curriculum at The Oakwood Academy, students are often invited to take part in school trips in order to further develop their understanding of a particular subject area. As stated in our school ethos, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and preparing each of us to meet with confidence the challenges of a changing world. Educational trips and visits broaden the scope of curriculum delivery beyond the classroom, allowing students exposure to new challenges and worthwhile experiences.

In the event of a trip being oversubscribed at The Oakwood Academy, we offer a ballot system as we believe this is the fairest method for all students. The ballot system ensures that all families that wish for their child to attend a trip get a fair and equitable opportunity to apply for a place.

Our experience suggests that the ballot system betters the alternative 'first come first served' method which presents a bias to those families who can afford to produce a deposit immediately. We are also aware of those parents who can perhaps offer the time to complete relevant paperwork at immediate effect and return it to school first the next day, whilst for some parents, this may be more demanding.