In line with Governmental instructions to help keep students safe, we are implementing a new school one way system and Year group bubbles. The bubbles apply from the moment students arrive on site to the end of the day. The only time we anticipate students to mix out of their Year group is when changing lessons and when using the main school toilets.

The students will mostly be taught in specific blocks in order to keep the bubbles as secure as possible.

Year 7's are taught in A Block and are expected to arrive between 8.15am and 8.45am. Departure time is at 2.55pm.

Year 7
Tutor(s) TG Name Room
Ms Sheppard 7A C102
Mr McNeill 7C A005
Ms Stacey 7R A004
Ms Eames 7V A006
Mr Johnson and Ms Pacheco 7AC B004
Ms Elsheikh and Mr Arif 7RV C105

Year 8
Tutor(s) TG Name Room
Mr Hunt 8A B107
Miss Duke and Ms Turner 8C C103
Ms Hough, Ms Lee and Mr Reynolds 8R A106
Mr Giles 8V B101
Mrs Cumberpatch 8AC B106
Mrs Wright and Miss Ballin 8RV C002

Year 9
Tutor(s) TG Name Room
Ms Beswick and Mrs Perry 9A C001
Miss A Dawkins 9C B002
Mrs Robinson and Mrs Davis 9R C101
Mrs Chambers and Mrs K Dawkins 9V A101
Miss Western and Mrs Lloyd 9AC B109
Mrs Ford and Mrs Crosby 9RV B102

Year 10
Tutor(s) TG Name Room
Miss Fowkes and Mrs Watson 10A C103
Mrs Ambrose 10C C004
Mrs Chapman 10R C005
Ms Knowles 10V A003
Mr Redfern and Ms Gray 10AC B003
Mrs Barnard and Miss James 10RV C104

Year 11
Tutor(s) TG Name Room
Mrs Medjdoub 11A B005
Mrs Chappell and Miss Chatteron-Greenwood 11C B105
Dr Inglis and Mr Edwards 11R B001
Mr Luckhurst and Mr Glover 11V B103
Ms Wiltshire and Mr Hayes 11AC C002
Ms Murray 11RV A102