(Curriculum maps are currently being reviewed for Summer 2021)

Half Term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3 Half Term 4 Half Term 5 Half Term 6
Maths Higher Set 1 Basic Fractions. Circumference and Area. Standard Form. Transformations Constructions and Loci. 2D representations of 3D shapes. Calculating with percentages. Measures. Surds. Collecting and representing data. Statistical measures. Scale diagrams and bearings. Ratio and proportion. Congruence and similarity. Properties of polygons. Equations. Simultaneous equations. Pythagoras and basic trigonometry. Quadratics. Rearranging formulae. Probability. Sketching graphs. Revision. Exam. Review. Indices. Volume. Linear and quadratic equations & graphs. Further quadratics and algebra. Growth and decay. Inequalities
Maths Higher Set 2 Numbers. Factors and multiples. Angles. Scale diagrams and bearings. Basic Algebra. Basic Fractions. Coordinates and linear graphs. Basic decimals. Rounding. Collecting and representing data. Sequences. Basic percentages. Perimeter and area. Circumference and area. Ratio and proportion. Basic probability. Equations. Scatter graphs. Transformations . Revision. Exam. Review. Real life graphs. Standard form. Construction and loci. 2D representations of 3D shapes
Maths Foundation Sets 3-6 Numbers. Factors and multiples. Angles. Scale diagrams and bearings. Basic Algebra. Coordinate and linear graphs. Basic fractions. Basic decimals. Rounding. Collecting and representing data. Sequences. Basic percentages. Perimeter and area. Circumference and area. Ratio and proportion. Probability. Equations. Revision. Exam. Review. Scatter graphs Transformations Pythagoras Theorem. 2D representations of 3D shapes. Basic intro to trigonometry. Number application.
English A Christmas Carol. Paper 1 section A Extract based A Christmas Carol. Descriptive writing- Paper 1 Section B Macbeth Intro. Extract based Paper 2 Section A Macbeth. Paper 2 Writing section B Introduction to Poetry. ONE mini mock exam question comparison Paper 1 section A linked to poetry. Two mini mock exam questions
Combined Science Cells, Atomic structure Energy, Organisation Electricity Bonding Infection and response Quantitative Chemistry Particle model, Bioenergetics
GCSE Biology Cells Organisation Infection and response Bioenergetics Homeostasis Homeostasis
GCSE Chemistry Atomic Structure Bonding Quantitative Chemistry Quantitative Chemistry Chemical changes Chemical changes
GCSE Physics Energy Electricity Particle model Particle model Atomic Structure Forces
History Medicine Through Time – Unit 1 Edexcel 9-1 Unit 2 American West
Geography Plate Tectonics Natural Hazards Climate Change Coasts Coasts Fieldwork Rivers
RE Christianity (Depth Study of Religion) Theme D Religion Peace and Conflict
Spanish Me, Myself and family Home, town My studies Free time, Music, tv, cinema Food and eating out Festival and customs
Health & Social Care RO21 Learning Objective 1- Maintaining Rights RO21 Learning Objective 2- Values of Care RO21 Learning Objective 3- Legislation RO21 Learning Objective 4-Protection and keeping service users safe Practise Assignment Creative Activities (Taken from Model Assignment RO27) Model Assignment RO22- Effective Communication
DT Design and make introduction – Blister Pack Environmental issues & Energy generation Paper and card including mechanisms Casting and associated technologies Desk Tidy Textiles and associated technologies. Samples and hangings
Food Food, nutrition and health Food science. Functional and chemical properties of foods Food Safety- Food spoilage and contamination Food choice- factors that influence food choice Scientific investigation NEA practice Food provenance- food sources
PE Throughout they will learn; netball, badminton, cheerleading/dance, hockey, football, rugby, handball, trampoline/gymnastics, fitness, cross country athletics, rounders and cricket
Art Growth and Decay Identity Identity Personal Project
Music Music Notation and Solo Performance Free Composition/Muscore Ensemble Performance Solo Performance + AOS 1
Drama Study DNA & explore acting skills Examination questions on DNA Rehearse production Rehearse and perform production
ICT What is a Brand? Developing graphic software skills Developing website skills Bringing it all together
Computer Science 1.1 Systems architecture 1.2 Memory & 1.3 storage 1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks
1.5 Network topologies and protocols
1.6 System security 1.7 System software 1.8 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental
Business 1.1 Enterprise and entrepreneurship 1.2 Spotting a business opportunity 1.3 Putting a business idea into practice 1.4 Making the business effective 1.5 Understanding external influences on business
Dance Good studio practice & motif development A/S/D/R Physical and interpretive skills & dance styles Historical & social context & performance opportunity

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