(Curriculum maps are currently being reviewed for Summer 2021)

Half Term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3 Half Term 4 Half Term 5 Half Term 6
Maths Calculations/ Primes, HCF, LCM Integers, rational and real numbers Algebra Linear inequalities Number Patterns Percentages
Revision and Assessment Rounding and estimating Linear Equations Functions and Graphs Review Number work Ratio, rate and speed
Number Patterns Review Algebra
English Prose (BITSP, HP&TPS, Mr Stink) Descriptive / Narrative Writing Language paper 1 section A Extract based - Reading Growing up Lang Paper 2 Non-Fiction

Section B - writing
Introduction to Poetry. Reading assessment Play - modern drama introduction Modern Drama Assessment (Lit) Language revision Exam

Shakespeare's best bits
Science Cells, Structure and body function, Reproduction Particles, Chemical reactions, Atoms, Elements and Compounds Acids and Alkalis Forces, Sound, Light, Space
History What’s?
Tollund Man
Medieval England Black Death Medieval P.H Elizabethan England
Geography Settlement & urbanisation Map skills Weather & climate Geographical investigations Rivers Energy
RE What leads people into religion? Is religion the cause of wars? Religion and Prejudice Family and Relationships
Spanish ¡Hola!! School Family House Free Time Revision and project
DT Metal work ‘Monster’ – practical skills. K&U materials and equipment Electronics ‘Torch’ - practical skills. K&U control systems, components, materials and equipment Textiles ‘gadget case’– practical skills. K&U materials and equipment Food ‘healthy balance’- practical skills. K&U healthy eating, skills and equipment
PE Throughout they will learn; netball, badminton, cheerleading/dance, hockey, football, rugby, handball, trampoline/gymnastics, fitness, cross country athletics, rounders and cricket
Art Baseline and Still Life Cubism Line mark making and colour Portraits
Music Baseline and Pulse & Rhythm Form & Structure Reggae Ladders Medieval Music African Drumming & Music Tech
Drama Script - Room 13 Script - Room 13 Devised - The Wailing Wall Script - Ernie’s Incredibly hallucinations Devised - Social Media
ICT Introduction to ICT Components of a computer - Hardware Components of a Computer - Software Innovators of ICT Smart Homes Programming for beginners

If you would like more information about the curriculum for individual subjects, please contact the relevant Head of Faculty.