(Curriculum maps are currently being reviewed for Summer 2021)

Half Term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3 Half Term 4 Half Term 5 Half Term 6
Maths Higher Set 1 Vectors. Equation of a circle. Further equations and graphs. Sine and cosine rules. Transforming functions. Numerical methods iteration. Circle Theorems. Gradients/Rates of change. Direct and inverse proportion. Further sketching graphs. Pre-calculus an area under a curve. Algebraic fractions This half term is given over to reviewing topics from the entire SOL Continue to review topics from the entire SOL. Revision for assessment 3 Exam
Exam preparation (Cycle of past papers). Exam
Exam review
Work experience
Exam review
Maths Higher Set 2 Calculating with percentages. Measures. Surds Statistical measures. Properties of polygons. Congruency and similarity. Pythagoras and trigonometry. Simultaneous equations. Probability
Algebra: Quadratics and rearranging. Sketching graphs.
Linear and quadratic equations and their graphs. Further quadratics and algebra.
Growth and decay
Equation of a circle. Revision.
Exam preparation (Cycle of past papers). Exam
Exam review. Work experience. Inequalities
Maths Foundation Sets 3-6 Standard form. Calculating with percentages. Measures. Statistical measures. Indices. Constructions and Loci. Congruency and similarity. Trigonometry. Further perimeter and area. Further Circumference and area. Properties of polygons. Real life graphs. Simultaneous equations. Probability. Volume. Direct and inverse proportion. Algebra, quadratics and rearranging. Revision. Exam preparation (Cycle of past papers). Exam.
Exam review. Work experience. Inequalities
English Poetry Power and Conflict Paper 2, section B. Paper 2 section A comparison question. Inspector Calls. Paper 2 section A A Christmas Carol. Paper 1 Section B Macbeth. Paper 1 Section A Unseen Poetry. Mock Exam Power and Conflict. Paper 2 comparison question
Combined Science Electrolysis, Stopping distance, Digestion Infection and response Energy, Particle model. Quantitative chemistry Homeostasis and response Waves Inheritance, Atmosphere Ecology Atomic structure, Rate and extent Revision
Work experience End of Y10 exams
GCSE Biology Bioenergetics Organisation Homeostasis Inheritance Inheritance Revision
Work experience End of Y10 exams
GCSE Chemistry Chemical Changes Organic chemistry Rate and extent of chemical change Chemistry of the Atmosphere Using resources Using resources Revision
Work experience End of Y10 exams
GCSE Physics Particle model Atomic Structure Forces Waves Waves Revision Revision
History Medicine Through Time – Unit 1 Edexcel 9-1 American West Unit 2
Geography Ecosystems Hot deserts Urbanisation UK Cities Urban issues Fieldwork Development
RE Christianity (Depth Study of Religion) Theme D Religion Peace and Conflict
Spanish Life at school/college Travel and tourism Education post 16 Social issues: healthy and unhealthy living Marriage and partnership Technology: internet and mobiles
Health & Social Care Model Assignment RO22- Effective Communication Model Assignment RO25- Life Stages
DT Forces and Structures Paper and card. Packaging . GCSE NEA. Design and Technology - practice Non Exam Assessment
Food Recap on Nutrition and health Practical skills focus- commodities Food provenance Food safety Recap on food science and food investigation Prep for mocks NEA 1 and 2 focus In depth nutrition and practical focus In depth practical focus- science, 12 FP skills
PE Throughout they will learn; netball, badminton, cheerleading/dance, hockey, football, rugby, handball, trampoline/gymnastics, fitness, cross country athletics, rounders and cricket
Art Identity reworked Growth and Decay reworked Beginning and or End Exam Project
Music Unit 2 Creating a Music Product Unit 2 – Creating a Music Product Unit 2 – Creating a Music Product + Unit 5 Music Performance
Drama Component 1 – Devising Component 1 – Devising Component 1 – Devising & Perform Examination pieces & write portfolio
ICT CiDA- Developing Web Products CiDA- Unit 3- Artwork and Imaging
Computer Science 2.1 Algorithms 2.2 Programming Techniques 2.3 Robust Programs 2.4 Computational Logic 2.5 Translators, Facilities of Languages
Business 3.1: Marketing 3.2: Meeting Customer needs 3.3: Effective financial management 3.4: Effective people management 3.5: Wider world Affecting Business Unit 2: Controlled Cwk: skills building and task completion
Dance Technique – learning Set 1 Phrase & Choreography approaches (Pictures, Cubes, Chance) + contact work Technique – learning Set 2 Phrase & Professional work Emancipation of Expression Professional work Artificial Things & Mock Performance with Linha Curva Mock Performance with Linha Curva & Use of pictures/poems/ words group choreography Professional work Within her eyes & Quartet choreography based on choice of stimuli Exploring professional work Infra & Solo choreography task based on choice of stimuli

If you would like more information about the curriculum for individual subjects, please contact the relevant Head of Faculty.