Vertical Tutoring

Vertical Tutoring

Each House tutor group consists of a mix of students from Years 7 to 11. This provides a supportive, family focused environment and quickly builds relationships between all students across all years.

Below is an outline of some of the key aims we have in mind in choosing to move to a VT structure, and some of the benefits attributed to it:

Key aims:

  • Parents and families having one point of contact in the school
  • The creation of a structure which would enable all students to support and peer mentor each other
  • A culture where it is 'cool to learn' – high self-esteem and high expectations throughout the school community
  • More effective tutoring and a clear focus on progress towards higher attainment
  • Students contributing to their own individual learning plans and being part of setting and reviewing their own targets
  • The creation of smaller tutor groups – so that the tutor can give more valuable time to students at certain stages during their learning journey
  • Access to high quality study support and advice and guidance within the school, plus support from external agencies where needed
  • A house system used successfully for sport and other activities to promote a sense of belonging and healthy competition

Key benefits:

  • Providing a mix of ages which promotes a family ethos, active citizenship and positive relationships
  • The release of the potential of the school's most important assets - teachers, students and parents
  • The provision of a structure in which personalisation can be achieved
  • Placing learning conversations and support for teaching and learning at the heart of the tutor system
  • Providing student voice through opportunities for peer mentoring and student leadership
  • Using tracking to identify and support appropriate intervention when needed

Each day Tutor time starts at 10.45am and lasts for 20 minutes.