Introductory videos

Mr Hardy
Welcome from the Headteacher, Mr Hardy

Click the video link to open a welcome message from the Headteacher, Mr Hardy

Mr Watkins
Life at Oakwood

Click the video link to open a message about life at the Oakwood Academy from the Assistant Headteacher, Mr Watkins

Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour

Click the link to access a virtual tour of The Oakwood Academy


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All about school

Meet your new Head of House

We have four Houses and each one has a Head of House, click on the shields to see their video:

Animus Certus Robus Virtus
Animus House Certus House Robus House Virtus House


Ask us a questionAsk us a question

No doubt you have a lot of questions about your childs new school and we'd love to hear from you so why not drop us a line and we'll try and respond to you as soon as possible, email us at We will then collate all of your questions and publish them as a FAQ for your reference.