Congratulations to all students who continued learning and progressing in their studies at home last half term! You all did, and continue to do, a fantastic job and we are so proud and pleased with everyone's successes!

We would like to particularly mention those students who have had the greatest engagement with remote learning. They are:

Year 7
Caitlin 7C, Chi 7R, Jessica 7R, Aaron 7A, Katlyn 7AC, Olivia 7AC, Reka 7RV, Abigail 7V, Grace 7A, Charley 7R, Holly 7AC, Darcie 7V, Rebecca 7V, Louise 7C, Mason 7C, Matilda 7R, Keira 7C, Jaida 7AC, Silas 7V, De'Elle 7RV, Taylor 7R, Danny 7RV, Amy 7V, Dylan 7R, Katie 7A, Olivia 7AC, Ruby 7R, Lola-Rose 7V

Year 8
Rebecca 8RV, Alex 8R, Phoebie 8AC, Ellie 8A, Isis 8AC, Safaa 8R, Evie 8A, Ceara 8C, Oliver 8AC, Lucus 8AC, Amr 8A, Kaitlyn 8R, Matthew 8A, Shyannah 8C, Imogen 8V, Rebecca 8A, Yolanda 8A

Year 9
Abdalla 9A, Alexander 9AC, Lucrezia 9A, Hope 9AC, Alexander 9R, Abigail 9RV, Evan 9R, Adam 9C, Micheal-Paul 9V, Rachel 9C, Eleora 9R, Louai 9R, Tsvetina 9RV, Dylan 9RV, Jacob 9C, Luca 9V, David 9C, Hermione 9RV, Bartlomiej 9RV, Alice 9AC, Hannah 9RV, Riley 9C, Matthew 9R, Shelby 9AC, Blake 9A, Claudia 9V, Harry 9AC, Ivy 9C

Year 10
Sylvester 10V, Lewis 10A, Joshua 10R, Keira 10R, Jack 10R, Trinity 10V, Elliot 10AC, Ellie 10RV, Macie 10V, Remhys 10A, Naomi 10C, Faye 10AC, Taniesha 10C, George 10V, Emily 10C, Tia 10A, Angelo 10R, Caleb 10C

Year 11
Loren 11V, Nathan 11A, Caitlin 11AC, Ivana 11R, Lojina 11A, Connor 11A, George 11AC, Manar 11C, Lilli-Anna 11AC, Kian 11A, Lewis 11V, Jade 11C