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All school work will be sent to students via the Show My Homework platform. This is a system that all students are familiar with and use regularly. Teachers will upload lessons and work for students to complete each day. Students will then be able to submit their completed work back to their teachers. At school this week, all students have been shown how to use Show My Homework to complete work in this way.

To access this platform, students should visit https://oakwoodacademy.satchelone.com/school/homeworks/calendar

Students can access Show My Homework on any smart phone, tablet or laptop. If students prefer to complete work on paper, they can still submit their work using the app on their phone or tablet. They do this by taking a photograph of their work and attaching it using the paperclip icon.

Students should login as normal using their user name and password. All students have been provided with these details, but should you experience any difficulties in accessing Show My Homework, please contact the school.

For more information on how to submit work on SMHW, please use the guide submitting work on SMHW, and for information on how to log onto SMHW, please use the guide logging into SMHW.

For any queries specific to homework, there is a dedicated email address which will be checked regularly.
This is homework@oakwoodacademy.org.uk

If you are unable to submit homework online through the SMHW website, please forward your homework with your teachers name in the subject title to the email address above.

Other resources you may wish to use for revision whilst at home include:

Years 7 to 11




Revision websites for Years 9, 10 and 11 (school login account required)


If any student claims they do not have a log in for Hegarty, this is not the case. All they need to do is go onto the website, enter the school name, their name and their date of birth. It then prompts them to create a password if they have not already done so.

If students cannot remember a previously created password, they click the 'reset my password' button, and this prompts their maths teacher. Once reset, they log in as a new user as detailed above.

If any student is experiencing difficulty, or if there are any other questions, please contact school using the homework@oakwoodacademy.org.uk email address.



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