City Schools Cross Country Championships


City Schools Cross Country Championships

The Oakwood Academy students took part in a City Schools Cross Country Championships which were held at Wollaton Park on Wednesday 10th January 2018. 28 students took part in the activity in totally and achieved some fantastic results.

Year 7 Girls:
7th Place: Naomi (County Qualifier)
12th Place: Ruby (County Qualifier)
13th Place: Tia (Reserve)
16th Place: Kady
29th Place: Chanel
30th Place: Libby
38th Place: Nicola
44th Place: Jessie-Leigh
49th Place: Skye-Olivia
50th Place: Miyah

Year 7 Boys:
5th Place: Shane (County Qualifier)
13th Place: Harvey
17th Place: Elliott
28th Place: Stephen
42nd Place: Christian-Lee

Year 8/9 Girls
31st Place: Keya
41st Place: Bobbi
49th Place: Kelsey
50th Place: Amyleigh

Year 8/9 Boys
18th Place: Ben
35th Place: Rhys
45th Place: Jordan
49th Place: Dylan
50th Place: Lewis
61st Place: Rheice
77th Place: Hayden
79th Place: Ben

Year 10/11 Boys
1st Place: Harley (County Qualifier)


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