Arrangements for September

Arrangements for the first day of the new academic year for students:-

Tuesday 3rd September 2019


We have a staggered morning for different year groups on the first day back to provide a smooth start in school for all students.  The times and locations will be as follows:


Year 7:                                   Arrive at 8.45am and go directly to the Main Hall

Year 11:                                Arrive at 8.45am and go directly to Tutor Rooms

Years 8, 9 and 10:              Arrive at 9.45am and go directory to Tutor Rooms

Year 7s will spend time initially with their tutor/co-tutor and Year 11s in their tutor group.  They will meet the remaining year groups throughout the morning.  In addition, they will be supported to and from their lessons for the first few days and they will take an early lunch at 12pm to avoid the initial rush.  Also, your child’s tutor will make contact with you in the first few days to discuss how they have settled in. 

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