School Governors

Name of GovernorMr Adjaidoo

Eric Adjaidoo

Governor Role

Community Governor

What meetings does this governor attend?

Attends all the meetings required of the Governors. Attends Governors Discipline Committee and involved with the school accreditation of E Safety for the children. In the past I have attended faculty meetings. I also attends admission meetings to the Academy.

Term of office (when they started and are due to finish)

Term of Office started on: 6th December 2016

Term of Office finishes on: 5th December 2020

What does or did this Governor do for a job?

I am an Independent Nursing Consultant and also working for the Care Quality Commission inspection teams across the country.

Do they have children at The Oakwood Academy?

Yes, one student in year 11 and another in year 8

Why did they want to be a Governor at The Oakwood Academy?

To see if I can use my clinical nursing skills/background in helping the school address the students social, psychological and mental well being.

What specific skills and expertise does this Governor bring to The Oakwood Academy?

I bring to the governor’s role the awareness of the student’s mental, social and psychological well being. Valuing and acknowledging indifference the Academy had to deal with. I hope to help the Academy to address in-equalities of the students social and families’ environments. Above all hoping to contribute to the high standards the Academy has set themselves, and hoping for a successful outcome for my children at The Oakwood Academy.