House System

Here at The Oakwood Academy, we are proud to have a comprehensive House System which is designed to support a sense of belonging, achievement and pride in all of our students. As part of that system we use vertical tutoring which means that each tutor group has 3-4 members of each year group within it. Tutor groups are around 18 in number and have two tutors to ensure more personalised and tailored tutoring, built on positive relationships and knowledge of students in order to get the best from them.

We have four Houses:

Animus Certus Robus Virtus
Animus House Certus House Robus House Virtus House


Within each House there are 9 tutor groups meaning there are around 180 students in each House, over seen by a Director of House, who is a senior member of staff.

The role of the Director of House is focused on the achievement of the students they are responsible for, including their academic performance, pastoral well-being and ensuring all students achieve their full potential regardless of background, ethnicity, gender or educational needs.

In addition, the House system together with the vertical system provides opportunities for students to have real life experiences by ensuring they have to interact with people of all ages rather than simply their own age group. Students are nurtured by older students and also learn how to communicate with younger people, be a role model and develop leadership skills.

House activities include sporting, culinary, artistic, scientific and musical competitions to name a few. The purpose of these competitions is to promote a sense of healthy competition, belonging and camaraderie. We hold at least two House competitions each half term as well as inter-House competitions. We believe that taking part in an event inspires a sense of duty and pride.  Losing, forces students to learn how to pick themselves up and carry on.  Having learned lessons on what they need to do better next time, and winning compounds their successes.  This makes students feel good about themselves and nurtures their sense of self belief. Furthermore, staff take part in House competitions to demonstrate to students that everyone at The Oakwood Academy is part of its integral family and framework.