Food Bank

For the last three years, students and staff at The Oakwood Academy have collected donations to be given to the Bestwood and Bulwell Foodbank, which is part of a network supported by the Trussell Trust. Across the UK, this food bank network provided 1,239,399 emergency food parcels to people in crisis between April and September 2020. 2,600 parcels to children every day on average in the first six months of the pandemic in the UK.

A typical food parcel contains a minimum of three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable, tinned and dried foods that have been donated by the local community. Last year the Bestwood and Bulwell Foodbank provided 3125 parcels to the local community. Demand for the foodbank has been such that a satellite centre has recently opened in Bulwell. Organised by Dr Inglis and publicised by Mr Hunt, Year 8 and Year 11 collected donations from all over the academy, throughout two weeks and transported the donation to the foodbank at St. Phillip's Church in Top Valley. Evie (8A) and Ellie (8A) are pictured below with the kind donations from the staff and students. Commenting, Dr Inglis said, "Yet again, the excellent generosity of staff, students and their families to support to a charitable cause in the heart of our school community is incredibly heartening for all, particularly when demand for its services is greater than ever. A huge thank you and well done.

Evie Ellie