Faculty Reward List

Congratulations to the following students who have been nominated by staff for special praise during the first two weeks of the Spring Term (January 2021)

Art, Design and Technology

Bethany 9R
Bethany has continued to work just as hard at home as she always does in lesson. Attending all live lessons and completing work to a high standard. Well done Bethany
Miss Eames - Drama

Georgia-May 9R
Careful and detailed notation work submitted in music. Super effort!
Mrs Parkin - Music 

Tsvetina Tsvetina 9RV
For her beautiful butterfly wing artist study. It really made me "wow!" When I saw it!
Ms Stacey - Art

Liana 9RV
Every single piece of work that has been set has been completed to an exceptionally high standard.
Mr Hayes - D&T

Ellis 8V
Excellent contribution to his live Drama lesson.
Ms Lake - Drama


Abdalla 9A
For consistently completing all Business work and to a high standard, demonstrating excellent effort and resilience.
Mrs Blackwell

Pearl 8A
For completing the programming work to very high standards, working independently and submitting it the correct format.
Mrs Medjdoub


Manar 11C
Excellent attendance rate to lessons as well as detailed and thorough work submitted in English
Miss Murray

Harvey 11RV
Consistent effort and great contributions to lessons in English.
Mrs Chambers

Faye 10AC
High quality work submitted and great contributions in English lessons.
Miss Sanderson

Josh 10R
Great attendance to lessons and good q uality contributions to English lessons.
Mrs Knowles

Xander 9AC
Good contributions and consistent attendance to English lessons.
Mr Johnson

Lilli-Anna 11AC
Going above and beyond expectations in her English lessons.
Miss Gray


Cameron 9AC
Outstanding effort and conceptual understanding shown on the equations work, particularly the Simultaneous Equations!! Well done!
Mrs Chapman

Harry 9AC
Great engagement with live lessons, always make an effort to contribute. Super quality of work submissions.
Ms Beswick

Silas 7V
For putting maximum effort into every piece of work set.
Mrs Barnard

Ceara 8C
Has completed every task on SMHW. Her work showed the correct layout of the calculations with the correct values to get the correct answers.
Mrs Elsheikh

Loren 11V
Resilient in lessons even when faced with challenging tasks; asks good questions that enable her to complete the work set.
Mr Edwards

Lewis 9C
Superb engagement! Challenging himself to answer the STAR questions and succeeding! Well done!
Mrs Chapman


Ellie 8A
For her enthusiastic contributions in live lessons and consistently submitting work to a high quality in French
Mrs Dawkins

Harry 9AC
For his engagement and positive contribution to live Spanish lessons
Miss Western

Matilda 7R
For submitting all of her work to a very high standard, continually put her hand up to answer questions in Spanish
Miss Wiltshire

Faye 10AC
For super engagement in live Spanish lessons, giving high quality contributions and submitting work of great quality and depth online
Mr Straw


Chloe 10RV
Excellent attendance, contribution and high standard of work produced under challenging circumstances. Well done Chloe and keep it up!
Mr Watkins

Alex 9R
Always first online and checks how we're doing. Always engaged in the lesson, putting his hand up, asking for understanding if unsure of the work set. Great effort Alex, your confidence in GCSE PE is growing.
Mr McNeill

Carys 11A
Excellent attendance, engaged throughout the lesson and always hands in the work set.
Miss Fowkes

Brandon 10C
Attending live lessons and showing understanding and commitment by completing the follow up work. Well done Brandon, keep up the good work.
Miss Watson


Oliver 11C
For superb effort, engagement and work so far during lockdown
Mr Wylie

Leah 7V
For attending and playing an active part in every live lesson so far
Mr Lowry

Amir 11V
For excellent and consistent completion of work, going above his target grade for detail and understanding
Miss Dawkins

Keira 10R
For excellent work and attitude to learning in all lessons, but especially on the homeostasis topic. She scored 92% on the topic quiz and her classwork has been clearly presented, well thought out and written to a high standard
Mr Redfern

Aleya 7V
For always willing to share her ideas during the science live lessons and for the good quality of work submitted
Miss Pacheco

Claudia 9V
For effort, engagement and positive attitude in Chemistry. All work handed in and willing to contribute to live lessons. A model student
Dr Inglis

Hermione 9RV
For excellent contributions and work submissions in all her Biology lessons so far
Mrs Lloyd

Lilli-Anna 11AC
For attending all lessons and contributing positively, seeking out support when needed and submitting high level work afterwards
Miss Robinson - Biology

World Studies

Trinity 10V
For consistent effort and demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning in her HSC lessons.
Mrs Perry and Mr Hayes - Health & Social Care

Lilli-Anna 11AC
For consistently outstanding effort and demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning in her History lessons.
Mr Luckhurst - History

Keira 10R
For consistently high quality submissions, exceeding expectations every time in live lessons and with work.
Ms James - History

Amir 11V
For attending all live lessons, contributing to debates / discussions and high quality of submitted work
Mr Wood - Geography

Sylvester 10V
For consistent effort and attendance of online geography lessons and application in his Geography lessons.
Ms Crosby - Geography

Lucrezia 9A
Has attended every live lesson and completed every piece of work to an exceptional standard. She also consistently contributes in lesson, giving answers and also asking thorough questions.
Mrs Chappell - Geography

Jacob 9C
Really positive engagement in live History lessons. Always willing to give answers and share his thoughts.
Mr Hillyard - History

Theo 9AC
For consistent effort and demonstrating great work ethic in his PRE (RE) lessons.
Mr Arif - PRE